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Q. I go to medical school in state whose state medical society does not have a fellowship. Can I still apply?

A. Yes, absolutely. You may apply to our fellowships in Washington D.C. such as at the Joint Commission and the American Academy Ophthalmology. However, you may only apply to a state society fellowship if you go to medical school in the same state.


Q. How long and when is the fellowship?

A. Each fellowship is between 6-8 weeks. The exact dates of the fellowship are determined after the fellows are selected. Fellows will schedule a time frame 6-8 consecutive weeks during the summer when they can work at the fellowship. Fellowships require a minimum of a 6 week commitment. We are able to modulate schedules based on medical school summer schedules so long as students are able to commit at least 6 consecutive weeks between June, July, and August. 


Q. Will I receive a stipend?

A. All current fellowships will offer a $1500-$2000 stipend.

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